May 26, 2017

The BUZZ ep#044- Back to old grounds

We are back and i mean way back .. back to school. the fine folks at CKDJ-FM have invited us to the bright new studio on the Algonquin campus . the crew is on thier way to Jamaica for the 5 year anniversary of the BUZZ. in the first hour the team discuss life and the city . in the second hour we bring you the news but on the lighter side we get a visit from Kanata's own " Milk" the rapper for an extensive interview.The final hour is fun and games as the crew plays a game with headlines from the weak and a trivia game about capitals . you also get to find out how brave ginger is when facing his ex and the question is asked " how much money will it take for you to talk to them again ?" the amounts will surprise you all on this weeks episode of TheBUZZ


May 7, 2017

The BUZZ EP #043- 420 Delayed This Episode

This show marks 4 years of... well... fun. Also, the travel plans exploded. Jimmy makes a bad sports fan but a good life coach. Serioulsy, read his upcoming book. The hill get's a little smokey and it could be the reason this episode is 2 weeks late getting posted. Or Tyler is just really lazy. All this and more on a couple weeks prior episode of the The Buzz.


Apr 7, 2017

The BUZZ EP #042 - Man Up

This New seaon starts after a long break but the same dummies do the same thing over and over . Ben needs help and we disscuxss his regular issuses like love life and whatever goes on in his brain. Tyler lives it up with the stars at JUNO night and he has a few suggestions on how tto save the industry. Jimmy gives advice on life love and how to be happy. Jimmy also is going through a few thing like a blind date and his hate for sissyness , he tries to work things out on this weeks edition of TheBUZZ


Oct 8, 2016

The BuZZ Ep #041 - Where’s Your Back Window?

Life hacks for work, how to not date for dummies (buying a car older than her mom), Did someone crank the heat in this city, Birth week and some news/ booze. 

Don't Date and drive a Crown Vic, be responsible. 

Oct 8, 2016

The BUZZ Ep #040 - The Shit Show

Uncensored & unedited

Ben goes to University, some stories about vacations and the past plus news and some booze. 


Oh and  Ben has something to share. 

Apr 9, 2016

TheBUZZ EP#039 - Back to Basics

After a short hiatus The Buzz is back in full force:Jimmy is refueled after his vacation to the DR... Tyler is depressed because the because he hasn't found "the one". Ben is doing the last three years over... or something like that and plenty more. 

Funny word of the week: Arse

Jan 6, 2016

TheBUZZ EP#038 - May The Buzz be with you

This podcast marks the end of an era... Season two comes to a close this week just in time for Jimmy to repent all his sins. Well at least calling nerds names. He however CANNOT stop attending the buffet and it's starting to invade his personal life. Tyler on the other hand is off on an impulsive spending spree. Careful which bridges you burn cause you might still need the Netflix password to catch up on Making of a Murder AND FINALLY as Bill Cosby would say, "You're so interesting... want a drink ;) ". 


Nov 25, 2015

TheBUZZ EP#037 - It Could Be Worse

If you're reading this it's too late! WW3 has probably already begun. So yah, we'll talk about that. Ben's life is spiraling down... it couldn't be worse. Got a fish? Don't let it swim near the Asian Market. The Refugees are coming and Canada aint ready. Anda bunch more all on The Buzz. 

See you never. Get it... cause you only hear us. 
Or you could go to you can see us there. 

Nov 5, 2015

TheBUZZ EP#036- Jimmy No Morals

TheBuzz is the only show that discusses real life topics.Get the latest on , Toll roads , lazy co workers , a restaurant that keeps hookers warm in the winter , and politics..Enjoy this weeks show.


Oct 23, 2015

TheBUZZ EP#035 -Real Life Internet Troll

This weeks show is short and sweet. We discuss the new powers that run this great land of ours(Canada).With a new Minister in power TheBUZZ helps with renovation plans at 24 Sussex.Tyler brings a story of what Jimmy likes to call " White Luck" when he avoids a ticket.All that and so much more on this weeks episode ....Enjoy.


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