Oct 16, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 053 - Get On The Boat

the team discuss tylers new job on his final show. the buzz had to take a health break and are back after a month. they discuss several news items on this weeks show . tune in to the Gingers last show ...for now.


Aug 21, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 052 - Electric fence and baby pit bulls( featuring Kim Jong Un)

on this weeks show Jmmy goes on an unforgettable journey . the boys go on a beach day and its almost canceled because of self check out. both members of the show have killed a seagull find out how. Tyler sits back and watches his neibours try to cut a tree down. the crew discuss home security systems and kim jong ill erectic fence.this week jimmy decides to attack quebec in his cross canada 150 bad. all that and more on this weeks episode .


Aug 12, 2017

TheBUZZ EP#0051 - Radio War (interview with an App Developer)

the boys have angered a local morning show with one of our recent interviews . jimmy feels like its time for Radio Beef. the second BUZZ track is out and its fire .the tale of two neibourhoods jimmy has  been walking in diferent areas of the city and is shocked by the different types of white people .Ben shows up finally from his cross canada trip.An angry listener call in to defend Newfoundland . We interview abdu , an app developer. all of that and more on this weeks show .


Aug 8, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 050 - Gummy Summer (interview with a cross country cyclist)

bthis weeks show starts off with a call from Ben on hos cross country travels . we talk to crazy lady and get an update on how she is doing. the show alos gets a call feom a serial online dater. tyler needs to trek to Montreal and brings jimmy along for company . Jimmy is still out partying hard and we get an update . the guys try to answer prayrs and alot more on this weeks episode .... Enjoy


Aug 3, 2017

The BuZZ EP #49 - INTERVIEW CLIP with Rob Nadigel and DJ Mateo

Tyler is preparing for ship life and had a few questions. This interview clip from EP 49 highlights what it's like working as a DJ on a cruise ship. Rob is a recrituer of talent and an all around tallented guy helping DJ's to travel the world. DJ Mateo is one of those traveling DJ's! 


Jul 29, 2017

The BUZZ ep#049- The Most Unreliable Show on Radio (interview with a Cruise ship Entertainment Director)

The Ginger has applied for a job on a cruise ship and we get to interview his potential boss. machines are taking over the city and its a big deal but it makes Jimmy a little nuts.the boys have made their first offical song. all  that and so much more on this weeks episode.


Jul 8, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 048 - Canada 150 week

On this weeks show the crew recap all the fun that was had on Cnada day in the capital. The party does not stop there as  stories from a private beach party and the Ginger get a full week off from his reg job get a little weird.Jimmy has a new addiction with weeed edibles and Ben has a new motorcycle and of course comes in with his new plan to travel the country on his cruiser.all f that and so so so much more on this weeks episode ... enjoy


Jun 23, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 047 - First annual Buzz B Q ( interview with Ammoye )

a wild week for sure in the first hour the crew crack some brews and start the party early.in the second hour we have an interview with juno nominated artist Ammoye . she is a rising jamaican/canadian reggae artist.we wrap the show up with the fist annual BUZZ B Q  where we grill live on air and try to hand it out .all that actoon an a few shenanagins on this weeks episode ... horray for summer.


Jun 17, 2017

The BUZZ EP # 046 - Party Weekend ( interview with crazy lady )

on this weeks show the crew discuss several topics like party weekend in ottawa , summer bbq addicton and canada 150.we talk about several news items such as Bill Cosby , syrians on thier first RV trip and a dong free spa . we also do a special interview with local celev=brity "Crazy Lady ". All that and so much more on this weeks episode. 


Jun 10, 2017

The BUZZ EP #045 - That’s sexy MON ( interview with nutritionist )

In the first hour of the show the crew discuss the buzz 4 yr anniversary trip to jamaica . the second hour we talk to a nutritionist from Kardish foods Courtney Robertson about eating well and vitamins, we also discuss some of whats going on in the news. the final hour AKA party hour gets nutty but well its friday so lets get weird, all that and so much more on this weeks episode ...enjoy mon


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